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Elite offers a unique blend of risk management strategy solutions, centered around the investigation, analysis, remediation planning, and overall protection of clients’ personal and business assets.

Protective Security Solutions Division (PSSD)

  • Personnel Security Protection Assistance
    Protection of c-suite execs, dignitaries, celebrities, and other high-profile clientele, to include provision of Executive Medical Services (EMS).

  • Physical Perimeter Security Protection Assistance
    Protection of home, office, special event space or mobile protection accommodations; conducting of internal physical security audits and inspection sweeps.

  • Protective Services Training and Staffing Assistance
    Conducting of workshops/forums, tabletop exercises and other security training initiatives for armed guards, escorts, and other protective service reps.

Information Assurance Solutions Division (IASD)

  • IT Info-Security
    In-depth evaluation and scrub of personal/business IT assets, access points, internal security control mechanisms, etc.

  • Information Assurance
    Assessment of data privacy protection considerations and impacts, and overall info management governance oversight guidance, to include data use, storage and retrieval practices, and info sharing protocols.

  • Provision of other information assurance and cybersecurity protection solutions

Investigative Oversight Solutions Division (IOSD)

  • Employee Background Vetting Assistance
    Provision of extensive executive level and general workforce support personnel background investigative reviews and reports, to include pre and post hire risk assessment and adjudicative guidance to determine employment fitness and suitability.

  • Internal Corporate Investigative Reviews
    Conducting of independent investigative audits, interviews and other fact finding methods to extract critical information and report key findings related to allegations or complaints of misconduct, etc.

  • Workplace Compliance Review
    Review, analysis, revision or drafting and implementation of sufficient corporate policy and procedures designed to protect company business interests.

  • Provision of other general investigative oversight solutions

Crisis Management Solutions Division (CMSD)

  • Crisis Management Assistance
    Provision of root cause identification analysis and triage; implementation of a crisis remediation and reputational damage mitigation strategy, and application of a post-crisis impact assessment.

  • Reputational Rebuilding Assistance
    Provision of public relations support, to include media training, speech writing assistance, interview techniques and social media management considerations, among other reputation rebuilding strategies and methods.

  • Legal Coordination Assistance
    Aiding key team members with identifying appropriate legal counsel representation, facilitation of communication with legal counsel, and serving as a liaison to provide overall strategy guidance and support.

  • Provision of other personal and business reputational management solutions

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