The Faith & Security Initiative by ESG

According to the Hate Crime Reported by Law Enforcement Report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, hate crimes have increased by as much as 25% between 2015 and 2019, with Race/Ethnicity being the number one bias and Religion ranked as second. This combination of biases makes faith-based institutions vulnerable targets.

Violent incidents exist in every corner of society, and unfortunately, there has been a vast increase in occurrences at synagogues, churches, and mosques in recent years. Communities are left feeling vulnerable, scared, and uncertain of what the future holds.

Faith-based institutions that have been properly trained and have good safety and security standards have a more positive outcome if they are the victims of crime. At ESG, we are committed to keeping God’s people safe where they serve and worship regardless of their faith. The Faith & Security Initiative aims to provide faith-based institutions and associations with the resources and information they need in order for them to be safe.


There are over 300,000 religious organizations in the United States. In the last few years, mass shootings and domestic terror attacks have skyrocketed. Even with violent attacks on the rise, everyday these institutions refuse to let their fears dictate their lives and continue to serve their communities despite the threats they face.


The Faith & Security Initiative is actively working to help faith-based institutions in need of security guidance, education, and training. We are committed to providing resources to develop crisis management plans and security strategies specifically for faith-based organizations. Our goal is to adequately instill faith leaders and their personnel with up-to-date security concepts to ensure the overall safety of their members, visitors, and guests.

We can provide policy recommendations, classroom training, and staff development in all aspects of security, as well as safety assessments for special events. Through onsite and virtual information sessions, training, and security consulting, the Faith & Security Initiative offers a comprehensive program with the resources necessary to ensure optimal safety and security standards are in place.